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Question of the Week

Becky from Operation Actually Read Bible 
has 2 new questions dated December 8 and 20.

December 8
Question of the week: Christmas songs.
Which traditional songs (think carols/hymns) are your favorites? Do you have one song that is more special than another?

I have a jewel to share with you, a favorite Christmas memory of mine. My memories of listening to these songs are a comfort and a joy, it brings a smile to my face. I remember as a little girl sitting in our formal living room (mother would not let me go in this room without permission), enjoying our decorated Christmas tree with presents scattered all around, and listening to this album on our 1959 Magnavox mahogany stereo. We no longer have the album, but I recently found and bought the cd from Amazon. The songs that Perry Como sings are traditional and they are my favorites. 
Please take the time to the Christmas story.

December 20
Question of the week: The Christmas Season.
The Christmas season seems to go by so quickly. There are so many great songs-great albums-how can anyone ever make enough time to hear it all, to appreciate it all. My question this week is which albums take priority in your house! Which ones are must-have for the season? Which ones are no-matter what albums? 
My answer is see the above question, the Perry Como "Season's Greetings" cd. He recorded these songs in 1959.

Merry Christmas!

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