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Review-"Breach of Trust"

Review--"Breach of Trust" by Diann Mills
Tyndale Fiction Published 2009, 392 Pages

This book was bought by me for the purpose of reading and review.

I first became aquainted with Diann Mills when I read the book "When The Nile Runs Red"
see my review of this book:
I felt she was an excellent story teller and I'd looked forward to reading more of her novels.
"Breach of Trust" was not a disapointment! I loved this novel and I felt it was quick action paced, interesting,  had engaging characters, and was suspenseful.

Paige Rogers has spent the last several years hiding behind a new life as a librarian in a small town in Oklahoma. She has an easy predictable job, a cozy home to live in, and new friends. Her mind often travels back to her previous life as a CIA agent, and the horrible covert mission thats aftermath was life changing.
Paige tries hard to keep her real name and previous life a secret, yet a devious person from her past is taunting her.
Paige's character is feminine, charming, and beautiful; yet she is also savy, unyielding, calm, and trained to percieve danger and know how to protect herself.
The characters that live in the small town of Split Creek, Oklahoma are a hodge-podge of temperment and age. One of the characters in Split Creek has a romantic interest in Paige.
The antagonist is a deceptive, manipulative, back stabbing, and powerful individual.
Each of the CIA characters were brought to life though the research that DiAnn did. She sought to write a story from a Christian's perspective of being a CIA agent and I feel she did a spendid job.
The story is suspenseful in not knowing if and when Paige's real identity would surface. Suspense is also compounded by the devious character that is trailing her.
I felt the story was never at a stand still, always enticing the reader to turn the page.

Blissful Reading!