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Review-"God Gave Us Love" and "God Gave Us Christmas"


Review--"God Gave Us Love" by Lisa Tawn Bergren and art by Laura J. Bryant
and "God Gave Us Christmas" by Lisa Tawn Bergren and art by David Hohn
WaterBrook Press a division of Random House,
"God Gave Us Love" published in 2009
"God Gave Us Christmas" published 2006
Both books provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group

"God Gave Us Love"
Little Cub and her grandfather go fishing, but it is disturbed by pesky annoying otters. Little Cub is upset with the otters, but her grandfather uses this moment to be a teaching lesson about God's love. Grandpa Bear teaches Little Cub about the different kinds of love: the love that a Mama bear and a Papa bear feel for each other, the love between friends, and the love between other family members. Grandpa Bear tells Little Cub that "any time we show love, Little Cub, we're sharing a bit his love."

I felt this was an endearing book!
I love those teachable moments with our children and grandchildren, they are priceless and should not be passed by.
This book gave a beautiful message that any child would understand.
The large soft toned color pictures are sweet and as cozy as a stuffed animal.
The books pages alternated between a page of colored picture only and a page of picture plus wording.
I felt that the words could be read by a first grader. My granddaughter Celeste that is in kindergarten could read many of the words on the pages.

Celeste said she felt the book was sweet, cute, interesting, funny, she said the book made her happy!
In the book, Little Cub asks her grandfather if there was something we could do "to make God not love us?"
Grandpa said "nope." Celeste said that God never goes to sleep he is always awake, and He loves us all of the time and always.

"God Gave Us Christmas"
Little Cub and her family are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Little Cub asks her mother "who 'vented Christmas? Was it Santa?" Of course Mama Bear said "no." The next day Mama Bear and Little Cub leave for a trip in to the mountains and wilderness to find God and to ask God about the invention of Christmas.
On this trip wise and loving Mama Bear teaches Little Cub about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas.

Celeste and I both loved it that it was sweet and loving Mama Bear, that stopped her hurried rush of preparing for Christmas, to teach her baby about Jesus, and the real meaning of Christmas.
The pictures are stunning and glossy, they are calm and light-not bold or flashy.
The pictures of the bears--these giant polar bears, are sweet and gentle.
Mama Bear used their own environment to teach her Little Cub about Jesus and Christmas.
Celeste and I loved both of these books, they are a joy to read!

The author has written 3 other books: "God Gave Us You,"  "God Gave Us Two," and "God Gave Us Heaven."

Blissful Reading!