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Review-"The Silent Gift"

Review--"The Silent Gift" by Michael Landon Jr. and Cindy Kelley
Bethany House, Published 2009
362 Pages, Book Provided For Review By Bethany House.

"The Silent Gift" is the story of a young boy Jack and his mother Mary.
The time period is the Great Depression.
Jack is silent--meaning he can neither speak nor hear.
When the story begins Mary and Jack are living under the strain of an abusive home life.
At an opportune moment, Mary and Jack escape and leave for a larger city in order to make a new life. Mary's focus is always on Jack, and I was drawn in to the story immediately because of her faithful and dedicated love to him.
Mary is trusting and naive, and for this I felt the story would be unlikely in real life.
From my parents and before them their parents, these generations of people were mistrustful of strangers, even fearful.
Almost no one had money during the Depression and those that did certainly kept it hidden away.
For the focus and theme of the story I felt it was beautiful; Mary's love is that of a perfectly faithful and loving mother, she would suffer through any crisis for his welfare.
This book touches on may things: despair, loneliness, rejection, fear, abuse, poverty, a child with a handicap, homelessness, prayer life, faith, love, patience, God's will. 
I loved this book and it made a deep impression in my heart. I have recommended this book to my Churches book club selection to read next year.

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