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Review--"Treasured, Knowing God by the Things He Keeps" by Leigh McLeroy
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Published by WaterBrook Press a division of Random House, 2009

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This book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Leigh McLeroy a Houstonian is an author and speaker.
She has written other articles and books such as:
"The Beautiful Ache," "The Sacred Ordinary," and "Moments for Singles."
Leigh writes and also tells in the above video, that the idea for this book came from a cigar box of treasured items that she received that had been her beloved grandfathers.
After receiving this gift, Leigh then began to think and wonder what other intrinsic treasures are in Scripture, that can personally compare to her own life's journey.
There are 13 chapters of Scripture stories and stories from her own life. The various stories that she shares from her life touch on different moments that she has traversed through.
Leigh writes with a depth that I find so amazingly beautiful and resonates in my heart.
To me it takes much insight and wisdom, to see the many everyday happenings through the lens that God is in all of the details of life.
So often we just live each day, going through the demands and habits as if on auto pilot. Yet, Leigh does not do this, she savors, ponders, digests, and learns. Most of all she gives the everyday God moments back to God, by praising Him and glorifying Him.
Leigh is one of those rare writers that writes as if you two are already cherished friends, and that they are sitting next to you, and with confident rhythm they tell you their story.
She writes with a poets hand, the book is meaty...powerful....memorable.

Leigh, you and I are sisters in Christ Jesus, but if we ever met I know we would be the best of friends!
This book touched my heart and I thank you!

Blissful Reading!


Leigh McLeroy said…
Thanks for the review, Annette. I'm so glad you enjoyed "Treasured"!
Annette said…
Thank you for visiting Leigh!