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Review-"Why Did God Give Us Emotions?"

Review--"Why Did God Give Us Emotions?" by Reneau Peurifoy, M.A.
B&B Media Group, LifeSkills Publications, Published 2009, 228 pages
This book was provided by B&B Media Group for review.

"Emotions are such a mysterious gift. They take us to heights of ecstasy. They dash us on the rocks of despair. They can bind us together and tear us apart. They can move some to noble acts of courage and self-sacrifice, and in others, they are the force behind terrible acts of evil and destruction.
Why did God make us this way? How are we supposed to manage this wonderful and mystifying gift we call emotions? In his new book Why Did God Give Us Emotions?, author Reneau Peurifoy takes a detailed look at the many sources of our emotional responses and the roles our emotions play in our thoughts, actions, relationships with others, and relationship with God. Why Did God Give Us Emotions? is a book twenty years in the making, based on Peurifoy's focused study, counseling experiences, and growing maturity in the faith."

I felt this was an exceptional book for any Christian to read with the mission of understanding the many whys of our emotions.
Each chapter has applications/activities that the reader can work through.
The book would be excellent for individual use or group study.
At the back of the book are suggestions for finding a church, developing a prayer life, and for further counseling. Small group discussion is provided in the back of the book as well.
Some of the topics in this book are: the physical side of emotions, core beliefs, and emotions that are taboo.
The book is not lengthy, it is not a textbook style book, it is easy for any lay person to read and understand.

One of my favorite passages that struck a cord with me was, "many of our emotional responses and behaviors are simply ingrained habits." Darn those bad habits that creep up!
Another favorite part was "become comfortable with not knowing." A Scripture that he used was from 2 Corinthians 5:7 "We live by faith, not by sight."
In chapter 12 he gave a great list for 6 steps for managing emotions effectively. Question 1 is What am I feeling? I have written these 6 questions on an index card for quick reference.

I did not feel like this book was top heavy on secular psychology, but was more in line with Biblical

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Blissful Reading!