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Faith 'n' Fiction

Amy's question for this Saturday is "why read?"
1. I love words, phrases, rhymes, verbs, prose, characters, settings, plots.
2. I love to hold a book and turn its page in expectancy of the continuing story.
3. I love to picture the story I'm reading in my mind.
4. I love the undisturbed quietness of no sound while I am reading.
5. I love it that I can read a book on my own---I guess this means I am a loner?
6. I love to gain insight in to other peoples life issues.
7. I love to learn.
8. I love for my mind to be busy.
9. I love it that I can travel to another place and another time through a story.
10. I love illustrations, photographs, styles of type-font, and book designs.

Blissful Blogging!


ladystorm said…
I love the reasons you like to read. I love to read to escape, to learn, to just enjoy myself. :)