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My Neck

I've had a problem most of the week with my neck. I have 3 degenerated discs with bone spurs, plus I have lower back problems as well. I've done something to cause muscle spasms in my neck.
I have the book "The Shape of Mercy" to post a review on, but sitting with my arms extended to type on my lap top is just too much.
I did manage to post a review of "Island of the Blue Dolphins" on my blog at A Garden of Books.
I also read the book "Facing Learning Disability in the Adult Years", I will when I can post a review over at my other blog Impressions in Ink.
I am nearly finished with the book "The Blue Umbrella" hope to have that also reviewed soon. 
I go back to the chiropractor this afternoon, I'm trying not to lift anything--taking it easy.

Blissful Reading!


Linda said…
I can somewhat relate, as I've had surgeries on my low back that put me out of commission for a long time. Will be praying for you.
Sylvia said…
I am so sorry about your back. I hope you don't have to have surgery. I have you on my prayer list. Doylene
Annette said…
I'm putting surgery off. Who would care for me, who would care for my dad, I could not drive for 6 weeks, etc. Best to put it off. Glad that I have a great chiropractor that is about 4 minutes away by car.
cathy b. said…
I'm also keeping you in prayer, dear one.
Jenny Girl said…
Hope you feel better soon.