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Noelle is my friend and companion in reading. Actually, I think she likes it that I am sitting down and she can sit next to me. She rarely meows, hides when strangers are in the house, does not like my grandchildren (they are too noisy), she does not get in to mischief, enjoys the occasional treat of a bug or lizard that crawls in to our house, has been known to catch a mouse and not make a mess, she dislikes hail and thunder, enjoys the birds that get to close to the outside of the windows, fusses at me when there is an empty spot in her bowl, waits at my dad's door in the morning for him to waken, recognizes my husbands truck on Friday nights when he pulls in the drive way after being gone all week, she dislikes fish and prefers chicken and beef, she is a little on the fluffy side. I have owned, or rather they have owned me, several cats. I am  thankful that on that cold mid December day in 2003 I went to the Animal Shelter, and it was love at first sight.

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