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One Question Friday

Wendy posts questions every Friday at her blog All in a Day's Thought.
The question for Friday January 1 was "what?"
"What?" That is a huge open ended question. Maybe I'll answer it as "what now?"
Right now it is 6:42 A.M. and I just poured my self a cup of hot fresh coffee, I added 1 package of Splenda and a little Pumpkin Pie Spice International Coffee creamer. I have checked my email, checked the newest updates on blogger reader, I have made a to do list for the day. The sun is not risen yet. At 5:30 A.M. I awakened and tried to fall back to sleep but could not, I always wonder if I'm prevented from falling back to sleep because I need to pray for someone, or the Lord  has plans for me and I need to get out of bed and get busy.
I've been awakened in the middle of the night many times with an urgency to pray for someone. When my son David was deployed to Iraq this happened nearly nightly. I would scramble out of the bed covers and kneel beside my bed praying for David. A few times the urgency was greater, more serious, and I would lie prostrate beside my bed and pray, sometimes until the dawn.
I have learned to never ignore an urgent prompting to pray!
"What now?" I'm in prayer for Haiti, their anguish cries the Lord hears and His people are called to pray, and give.

The question for Friday January 8, "Introvert or Extrovert?"
Oh, I'm sure you are already aware of which I am. I am an introvert. I am an introvert to the point that I make people uncomfortable with my quietness. For those that know me, really know me, I can be chatty, affectionate, funny, expressive, and feminine in every aspect of my body language.
I am an introvert, a ponderer, a prayer warrior, a Scripture memorizer, a planner. I enjoy my own company with out interruption of television or radio. I am also a worrier----I think too much--- and so much continual surrendering and praying over this during the day.
Do extrovert people annoy me? Nah, I appreciate their personality from mine. I have a few close friends that are extroverts, I married an extrovert!

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