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Review--"Unfaithful, Hope and Healing After Infidelity" by Gary and Mona Shriver
David C. Cook--The B&B Media Group.Inc.
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285 pages
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This book was provided by David C. Cook for the purpose of review.

Gary and Mona Shriver share a chapter from their lives that most people would have shoved into an attic closet and then locked the door. Instead they wrote a book in the hopes that others would be brought to healing and be blessed by it.
Adultery, it is often portrayed in the media as a "wine and roses" kind of decision on the part of adults. Rarely do we see a deeper look into the individuals lives, and the consequences of the adultery on the children, rejected spouse, and extended family and friends. Also what is not examined is the future relationship of the couple that decided to commit adultery, and then stay together leaving their previous spouses. Eventually the spark and the high of the adulterous relationship wears off, and the "reality" settles in---bad breathe, annoying habits, debts, and child support. Future explaining on the part of the parent that left will be given maybe several times to distraught children, that now feel abandoned and betrayed. The reputation and integrity of the adulterer is tarnished, they may be forgiven by those left in the path of destruction, but the sin was committed and will be remembered by people.
On the other hand is it easier to forgive and reconcile with the spouse that committed adultery, or to divorce?
To forgive is a must for a Christian, un-forgiveness cannot be between us and our forgiving Lord.
To reconcile, better explained is a precarious journey. A journey with many, many steep mountains to climb, muddy lakes to cross, and roads that seem impassable. Oh, but for the grace of God can it be done.
Gary and Mona Shriver wrote a book that I pray will be a monumental blessing to those that have been wounded by adultery. It follows from the beginning of the announcement that the betrayal of adultery has happened, then follows through their treatment and counseling, through the gut wrenching and sobering settling of the horror of what has happened,  it follows them through the struggling to communicate and move forward, then through to future triggers that will transport the offended spouse back to "that time." 
The book is deeply personal and raw, yet it is not lurid, and I never felt uncomfortable with the unfolding story.

This book is a must for all of those people that have been through this, and for those going through it.
It helps, it soothes, it is a friend.
Thank you Gary and Mona for not keeping your story to yourself, but in sharing with others, because it is a blessing, and you in turn will be blessed!

Blissful Reading!