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I feel that in the wide reaching ability of being able to blog, email, Facebook, and MySpace, that an intimacy has been lost. We can reach others as never before by the click of our mouse, yet we have lost the intimacy of a conversation. Most of us that have a blog are busy in-putting information whether it is a book review, or meme assignment, or our latest book writing updates. We can be so busy being busy that we forget to be real, personable, approachable, human.
Maybe there are those that enjoy and feel secure in the anonymous nature of a blog, but there must be a balance. The audience desires someone that they can relate to, that hears them, that they can walk away from the computer screen having learned something, and especially feel uplifted.
My hopes and prayers is that I can be that blog that stirs the hearts and minds-----only by the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Let's say, I have been convicted.

Blissful Blogging!


Marlayne Giron said…
I think you have made a great point. The internet and it's supposed lack of anonymity have also made people feel more comfortable about being much ruder online than they would ever dare to be in person. It has led to the further degradation of our society and how we interact with each other. It is a fabulous resource and a great way to reach people who would have no other way to reach but it sure doesn't replace having some good "face time" with your best friend over a cup of coffee!