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Faith 'n' Fiction Saturday: Why Should Christians Read Fiction


"Today we're going to discuss why Christians should read fiction. If you are a lover of fiction, it's no doubt that you're heard all sorts of arguments against spending time reading it. In fact, a commenter just this week on my blog said she's heard it referred to as emotional porn. The very concept of Christian fiction had a huge battle to face in conservative circles and is, in my opinion, still facing those battles in its attempts to grow. Is there any value in reading fiction for Christians? Why are some people so resistant to the idea of reading fiction? If you DON'T read fiction, why don't you read it? (Please keep in mind we are talking about ALL fiction and not just Christian fiction)" Post from My Friend Amy's Blog.

Pure and simply I read fiction because I love a well-written--entertaining--uplifting or memorable--story!
I read Christian fiction because I do not need to worry about curse words, and sexual or macabre details.
Emotional porn is awfully strong for an opinion on Christian fiction. I suppose they are referring to inspirational romance Christian fiction. My definition of porn is what is defined in my dictionary, as explicit description or exhibition of sexual activity in literature or films, and this is intended to stimulate. I have never read, nor heard of any Christian fiction book as defined by the previous given definition.
Christian fiction stories are written with the focus on God, and of the building of character, and real life situations are given in the stories in order for us to relate to and give inspiration to a God led life.

Blissful Reading!