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Faith 'n' Fiction


Faith 'n' Fiction is produced by Amy @ My Friend Amy

"What is the purpose of Christian Fiction?"
The purpose of Christian Fiction is to tell a story in a Christian themed, Christ exalting manner.
Christian Fiction books can be counted on to be free of curse words or other coarse speech. They will be free of sexual innuendo's and activity. Christian Fiction books are also free of the graphic bloody details of violence. They are books that a Christian can feel at peace about in not encountering something that would make them feel uncomfortable.
I have read secular fiction books before that everything in the story seems to be fine and then wham! A detailed sexual encounter is worked in to the storyline, then I'm faced with do I end this book and get rid of it, or do I skip past this part?  
I am aware that some people are not bothered by graphic bloody murder details, or sexual activity in a book or even a movie. I am, and this is my opinion only.

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