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One Question Friday

One Question Friday is a post that the author of All In A Day's Thought creates each Friday.
The question for Friday February 5, 2010 is:
Wavering decision or confident indecision?

Actually I have been both. It would depend on how serious the decision is? what other circumstances might be going on? and if I am given time to think or does the decision need to be immediate?
I am a full time care giver of my eighty seven year old father. He has injured himself before, or had pain or other health problems; and I have needed to make a quick decision right then as to whether I needed to call the doctor, call for an ambulance, or take him to the hospital myself. He always tells me, "oh I'm just fine" or "it's just a little bit of blood." Of course my insides are ready to scream out "man your battle stations!" Instead I take charge and with as much confidence as I can muster make the decision.  
I can be in a bakery and cannot make a simple decision whether to buy and eat a scone, a muffin, or maybe a jumbo cookie?

Blissful Blogging!


I enjoy reading your answers...reading how you process the questions and really give them time to think through.
~ Wendy
Annette said…
Thank you. I enjoy these "creative" writing assignments!
I think we have moments when we can make decisions quickly and other times when we feel clueless!

Thanks for following my blog! I hope you come back soon for another visit.