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One Question Friday

One Question Friday is a weekly Friday post from All In a Day's Thought.

"Yesterday or tomorrow?"
It would depend on what yesterday I could relive?
I would love to be a little girl again, to walk home from school, walk through our back door and into our kitchen, and there would be Momma---waiting on me with a smile on her face.
I would love to sit at my Mamaw's kitchen table with her and my Papaw, my Mother, Aunt Beverly and Uncle Melvyn, and listen to "their stories." Those stories of when they were young: the barn dances, picking cotton, the way my Mamaw endearingly said her daddy's name--Papa, drawing water from a well, Mamaw baking a chocolate pie every morning for breakfast for my Papaw--at least till they had children, school in a one room schoolhouse, flour sack dresses, the Great Galveston Hurricane, living in a new never used chicken house, making moonshine, having a still in the house and hoping the neighbors did not know, the radio shows they listened to--Grand Ole Opry and Fibber McGee and Molly, and my mother having to wear a bag of asifidity around her neck.
Asifidity was supposed to keep you from getting sick. It looked like a plug of tobacco, it smelled horribly. I am unsure of the ingredients, possibly garlic, poke root. My mother was terribly embarrassed in having to wear this offensive skunk. 
Tomorrow can be a scary word, after all we do not know what tomorrow will reveal. As a Christian I trust in God that He holds all the tomorrows, He is the master designer of my future, and this brings comfort.

Blissful Blogging!


It is such an honor to me that you think these through and write them out on your blog.

I don't usually respond to my own questions, but I'll go with tomorrow.

~ Wendy
Annette said…
You welcome, they are really fun for me! I can't wait for your Friday questions!