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"Angels, Who They Are and How They Help...What the Bible Reveals"
By Dr. David Jeremiah

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Published by Multnomah  2010, 237 total pages

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This book was provided by WaterBrook Multnomah for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

I read this book cover to cover, enjoying every bit of information that poured from it!
What I loved most about this book is at the turning of every page Angel's is the topic, but the Lord is always the focus!
Back in the 1990's Angel's seemed to be everywhere. When I would have a birthday or at Christmas, I could expect to receive another collectible Angel for my curio cabinet. It got to be too much and I have since parted with many of them. If you remember movies began to flourish, the movie "Michael" with John Travolta came out in 1996. Even now Angel's are displayed often in Hollywood movies as either a cutesy funny character, a seductress, an avenging Angel, a death Angel, or recently the movie "Legion" an apocalyptic sy-fi movie.
Enough about what the "world" states Angels are like.
What does the Bible say about Angels?
Dr. David Jeremiah writes that "there are over 300 references to Angel's in the Bible. No where in any of these references does it state that we are to pray to an Angel. Angel's do not serve us, they serve God. They are always in the presence of our Holy God."
Dr. David Jeremiah writes a detailed account of what Angel's are and what they are not, what their purpose and work is, what our response should be, definitions of the different Angel groups--such as Cherubim and Seraphim, Angel's at a believer's death, and Satan and his fallen Angel's.
I felt this was an absorbing read, the author's explanations are wonderful, Biblical references are always used.
The author had also in his research read other books on Angel's, such as the book Billy Graham wrote.
There was only two things that I disliked about the book; the type-font is to small, and it is to light. I felt the type-font should have been darker print and a little larger. I had to sit close to the lamp light in order to see to read.

Blissful Reading!