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I just made visits to all 62 blog's that I follow....this takes a while!
All the blog's that I follow are created and maintained by hard working blogger's, and they are all noteworthy because of this!
The following blog's that I read today that were extra special.

A Few More Pages This is a new blog that I am following, I love the visually stimulating layout, eclectic reading taste, I love the opening photo of a book open.

A Gracious Home My friend Doylene is the author of this blog, she presents a homey, intimate, personal place to visit. She also has home spun advice and recipes to share.

Already Not Yet Peter Cockrell is the author of this blog, often he posts clips from other authors and or preachers. The following link is Tim Keller's review/comment on the book "The Shack."

Inkwell Inspirations Great post by Niki Turner, "Love Is Like A Box Of Chocolates", follow the link below

Jane Austen Today  The authors are Vic and Laurel Ann. They are hosting a Grand Giveaway of the new book "Mr. Darcy's Great Escape" by Marsha Altman. Follow the link below

Jane Austen's World Vic's Post for today February 5 mentions four new Jane Austen books.

Passages to the Past Amy has great book give-aways.

The LPM Blog Beth Moore has a new book that became available on Tuesday February 2. The name of the book is "So Long, Insecurity." I bought two copies!
There is a simulcast of Beth speaking on insecurity among women April 24. I believe there are 600 churches in North America involved in this event. I went this past Tuesday to a pre-simulcast discussion on the April 24 event. For more information visit the new website devoted to this book.
So Long Insecurity

Through the Looking Glass... Dr. Mike Thomas wrote a post on one of my favorite stories in the Bible, the woman at the well.

Tom Toya's Blog (Send me - Isaiah 6:8) I love this post on the Holy Spirit.

Tyndale House Publishers is giving away free books every day, to learn more see their website.

Blissful Blogging!


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Terra said…
What a sweetheart you are to visit the 62 blogs. I always enjoy visiting blogs and learning things and hope folks like my own blog. Now I have a few more that you suggested to visit.