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Review-An Absence So Great

WaterBrook Press, Copyright 2010, 383 pages
 Christian Historical Fiction

Link for the book:

This book was given to me for free by WaterBrook Multnomah for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

Portraits of the Heart Historical Series
Book One~~~A Flickering Light (One of Library Journal's Best of 2009)
Book Two~~~An Absence So Great

The time period is the early 20th Century, 1910-1915.
Jessie Gaebele is a young woman living in the upper mid-west and she had been under the guidance and teaching of Fred Bauer an experienced photographer. When he became ill in book 1 A Flickering Light, Jessie kept his business going until he was well and could return. Book 2 begins with her living and working in another town away from Fred and his family, as well as her own parents and sisters. From the first page of the story the reader understands that there was more that just a working …

Book Giveaway!

I have 1 copy of Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs to giveaway, please leave a comment if you would like to win a copy of this wonderful book!.

I will announce the winner on April 7!

Blissful Reading!

Book Blogger Hop!

Mozy on over to the blog Crazy-For-Books to take part in The Book Blogger Hop. It is a great idea to meet new bloggers and see new blog's.

Blissful Blogging!

God...Who Are You And What Can You Do For Me?

I am at least two weeks behind in answering the discussion questions for the week.

Session Six Questions:
Are you totally relying on God to provide for all your needs?
Is He sufficient enough for you or are you searching for more?

Do I rely on God for my every need? I fret and worry--sometimes--so the answer would be no. Because if I totally relied on God then I would "rest" in Him. At age 46 I am more "resting" in Him that I was at age 36 or even 26. What has happened in my life that has encouraged this growth has been much time in reading and studying the Scripture, prayer----and applying the Word in my life----this is called obedience.
Obedience is not a word that humans like, we think that children and dogs should be obedient, but when we become an adult we should have free choice to do what "we" think is best. As a Christian that kind of thinking just is not going to work----God is not going to allow that kind of thinking to work. If we are His child…

Thankful Thursday!

I am thankful for:
1. That sunshine will eventually follow a rain storm.
2. That Spring is officially here---the pecan tree is budding.
3. For the Gospel of John---BSF study for the year.
4. Freedom to read my Bible and have as many copies as I want.
5. Laughter.

Blissful Blogging!

A Few Quotes

"Spiritual growth happens in crisis events when we are suddenly thrust to a higher or deeper level of intimacy."
Andrew T. Le Peau "As Different as we Think"

"Scripture is the bookshelf; tradition is the memory of what people in the house have read and understood (or perhaps misunderstood) from that shelf; and reason is the set of spectacles that people wear in order to make sense of what they read, while experience deals with the effects on people of what they read."
N. T. Wright "The Last Word"

"The vocation for you is the one in which your deep gladness and the world's deepest need meet."
Frederick Buechner

"Most Christians do what they believe is expected of them."
Charles Stanley

Review-Spiritual Warfare, The Battle For God's Glory

Link for the book:

by Jerry Rankin
Published by B&H Publishing Group, Book released March 1, 2009-- 286 pages
Christian Living

The author has 2 sites you may be interested in visiting, click on the links:
International Mission Board
Rankin Connecting

This book was bought by me for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

Jerry Rankin and his wife Bobbye spent twenty-three years in the mission field in Asia, in 1993 Jerry became the president of the International Mission Board. With their experience Jerry writes the book Spiritual Warfare with much insight, knowledge, and wisdom. Jerry writes not only with their own experiences of being in the mission field, but also the testimonies of other missionaries.
In the book Spiritual Warfare the reader will see through Scripture and mission field experience; the efforts, temptations, and battles that Satan plagues on believer's. His battle against believer's is to steal …
A severe thunderstorm is here and I'll have to get off my computer for the night, but stay tuned for some inspirational writing coming up this week!

Blissful Blogging!

Review-Songbird Under A German Moon

The link for the book:

Summerside Press Published 2010, 334 pages
Romantic Suspense Christian Fiction

This book was provided to me for free by Litfuse for the purpose of reading and reviewing.

The year is 1945 and twenty year old beautiful Betty Lake travels to post war Germany to sing for the occupied soldiers stationed there. She bunks with several other young girls in an old home that had former Nazi connections, and they sing and perform at Festspielhaus-Festival House. Betty meets Frank an Army Air Corps photographer, sparks between the two are evident as soon as they meet. There are strange sounds in the middle of the night at the home the girls live in. Even though the war is over Nazi sympathizers may not be finished. The book becomes suspenseful when Betty's roommate Kat disappears.
I am a daughter of a Word War II Veteran and any book on this time period I gravitate to.
I thought t…

Review and Giveaway-Here Burns My Candle

Link for the book:

Here Burns My Candle, Book One by Liz Curtis Higgs
WaterBrook Press 2010, 468 total pages
Historical Christian Fiction
The authors bonny website!

This book was provided for free by WaterBrook Multnomah for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

Liz Curtis Higgs has graciously been keeping her readers updated in her newsletters and on Facebook, letting us know how the writing was going and when the book would be published. Liz has a gift for homespun warmth and communication to her readers, she does not hide behind the closed doors of her office, but is in the forefront of media communicating to her loyal readers.

The widow Lady Marjory Kerr lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her son Donald and his wife Elisabeth and son Andrew and his wife Janet. They live in an extravagant home in Milne Square. The year is 1745 and Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart) is leading a Jacobite revol…

The Gospel Revolution

The Association of Biblical Counselors presents The GospelRevolution Conference to Feature Line-up of International Speakers
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX—The Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) has announced its annual conference to be held on May 20-22, 2010 at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, TX.  The keynote speaker will be Tullian Tchividjian, addressing this year’s theme of The Gospel Revolution.  Tchividjian is the pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, founded by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy, and is the grandson of renowned evangelist Dr. Billy Graham.  Tchividjian has authored several books, including Unfashionable and Do I Know God?,and speaks at conferences throughout the US.  His sermons are broadcast daily on the radio program Godward Living. The conference is an experience designed for both the young and old of our culture and those who lead them.  The Gospel Revolution: Rediscovering the Pow…

Sweepstakes for The New Living Translation Bible

The New Living Translation Break Through to Clarity Bible Contest and Giveaway Visit and click on the tab that says “Sweepstakes” Fill out a simple form, take a quick Bible clarity survey, invite your friends to join and you’ll be entered to win one of our exciting prizes. With each fan number milestone a new prize will be given away. Grand Prize Apple iPad 64G and a Life Application Study Bible
Awarded when the NLT Fan Page hits the fifth milestone
Retail Value: $829.00 2nd Prize  - Already awarded 32G iPod Touch and a Life Application Study Bible
Awarded when the NLT Fan Page hits the fourth milestone
Retail Value: $300.00 3rd Prize – Will be awarded when fan count hits: 3500 Kindle DX and a Life Application Study Bible
Awarded when the NLT Fan Page hits the third milestone
Retail Value: $489.00 4th Prize Will be awarded when fan count hits: TBD Apple iPad 16G and a Life Application Study Bible
Awarded when the New Living Translation Fan Page h…

Spring Break

I have decided to take a Spring Break next week. I will not be blogging, but I will of course be reading!

The next books that I will be reviewing will be Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs, Spiritual Warfare by Jerry Rankin, and An Absence So Great by Jane Kirkpatrick.

Blissful Blogging!

Thankful Thursday!

Today I am thankful for:
1. A new doggie---name undecided.
2. A beautiful sunshiny day.
3. A hint and anticipation of Spring is in the air.
4. Spring Break is next week
5. My oldest son David is officially discharged from the military as of midnight Tuesday night---after over 8 years!

Blissful Blogging!

Review-Raven's Ladder

Raven's Ladder by Jeffrey Overstreet
Book 3 in The Auralia Thread--The Gold Strand
WaterBrook Press, 2010, 380 pages of story

Jeffrey Overstreet's website is Looking Closer

This book was provided for free by WaterBrook Multnomah for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

The Auralia Thread
Book 1--Auralia's Colors published 2007
Book 2--Cyndere's Midnight published 2008
Book 3--Raven's Ladder published 2010

Cal-raven that was introduced in book one is the son of King Cal-Marcus, late in book 1 Cal-raven becomes King of Abascar. Cal-raven's mother Jaralaine had ran away from her family and disappeared when he was young. In book 1 of this series Abascar is destryoed and Cal-raven wants to create a New Abascar.
In this book Cal-raven is ambushed and taken prisoner, leaving his subjects in danger. Cyndere the daughter of the Bel Amica queen wants to help Cal-raven but he must accept her help.
Bel Amica …

Review-Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue

Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue
Book 4 in The Knights of Arrethtrae
by Chuck Black see his website Perfect-Praise.
Multnomah Books 2010, 162 pages of story, page 163 epilogue, several pages in the back of the book for discussion including answers.
This is Young Adult Fantasy Fiction----but suitable and enjoyable for any adult.
Additional material is a music piece written by Elizabeth Black, Journey To Moorue.

The Knights of Arrethtrae
Book 1. Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione
Book 2. Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court
Book 3. Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart
Book 4. Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue

The opening lines of the book, "She seemed an ordinary enough girl on the outside-a quiet, plain, and simple girl-but within, Carliss was as unique and complex as the snowflakes that sometimes fell upon her father's farm when she was a child." This opening line set the stage in my mind for an ant…

Review-Be Authentic

Be Authentic, Exhibiting Real Faith In The Real World
Old Testament Commentary Genesis 25-50
By Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe, Foreword by Ken Baugh
First Edition published in 1997, and reissued and revised under David C. Cook -- B&B Media Group in 2010
216 pages

This book was provided for free by David C. Cook--B&B Media Group to me for the purpose of reading and reviewing. 

The "Be" Series are 50 commentaries that all begin with the title "Be" then followed by a descriptive word.
Soon to be released are study guides that will be companions to each of the commentaries that he wrote. 
Be Authentic follows the lives of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

Weirsbe gives the definition of "authentic as original as opposed to a copy." Each of these men Isaac, Jacob and Joseph were men that had faults, made wrong choices, had weaknesses, yet each of them had "defining moments" that shape…

Review-Auralia's Colors

Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet
WaterBrook Press, Published 2007, 334 pages
Jeffrey Overstreet's website is: Looking Closer
To purchase the book or to read more information from the publisher:

This book was purchased by me for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

I am a new sprout in reading Fantasy Christian Fiction. I started reading this genre this year. I feel as if I'm using a different part of my brain when I read Fantasy Christian Fiction---but I'm having a blast!

Auralia's Colors is Book One--The Red Strand in The Auralia Thread, Book Two is Cyndere's Midnight, and Book Three which I will be posting a review on this week is Raven's Ladder.
I would  have liked to have time to read Book Two Cyndere's Midnight, but the book tour for Raven's Ladder is this week and I did not have time.

Auralia is found as a young babe by two thieves. Auralia grows up not knowing her true identity, …

Review-To Him Who Sits On The Throne

To Him Who Sits On The Throne, Praising God with the Scriptures
by Dr. Mike Thomas
Published by Morning Star Christian Books 2009, First published by J. Countryman in 1989
240 pages

The author's website is:
A Harvest of Miracles

To watch the Youtube interview:

The book maybe purchased at Morning Star Christian Books

This is the full cover of the book.

This book was given to me for free by the author for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

I have had this book for a few months, I chose not to read it cover to cover but instead to read it during my daily devotional time. Praising God seems to be something that falls by the wayside so to speak. For the small minority that have a daily devotional time, reading praise books or praising God from our own mouth seem to be something we will think about doing later. (I'm speaking of myself too.)
This book has been a blessing and I've enjoyed my praise time with the Lord each new day.

Review-A Lineage of Grace

A Lineage of Grace, Five stories of unlikely women who changed eternity
by Francine Rivers
Tyndale House, published 2009, 542 pages

This book was purchased by me for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

Lineage of Grace is actually five books that have been compiled into one book. The five books are the stories of five women from the lineage of Jesus.
The women and the title of each chapter are as follows:

Each of the stories were created perfectly in my mind by the descriptive writing of Francine. Their stories were not told with a slant to rectify them such as in the stories of Rahab and Bathsheba, nor were they written in such a way as to exalt them such as in the story of Mary the mother of Jesus. In their stories we see their humanity, their weaknesses, fears and anxieties, insecurities, patience, kindness, and their great faith and love.
I was most moved by the stories of Ruth and Bathsheba. Re-readi…

New Doggie

I adopted a new doggie this afternoon from the Animal Shelter. He is a 4 year old Schnauzer that I've named Fritz. My dad helped me pick him out and that made it all the more special!

He looks a little scruffy now, needs to see the groomer, but the Veterinarian said to wait a week. I did have him checked for heart worms--negative, he has all his shots, he is neutered. I shopped at Petsmart twice today buying all the necessities!

Blissful doggies!

My Thoughts on So Long, Insecurity

Doylene from Christian Woman Keeper of The Home and I are both posting our thoughts on Beth Moore's newest book So Long, Insecurity. To read what Doylene has written:
Doylene is focusing on the negative and I the postive. Let's hope this endeavor is satisfactory.

You can read more about this book at the following two links:
The LPM Blog

I have searched and the best price for this book is on-line at Christian Book for $14.99
If you are a member of Barnes and Nobles the price is $14.61

I don't believe that Doylene has read far enough into the book to realize that Beth does not state that our insecurity comes from men alone, nor from the way that we view our outward appearance. Beth Moore does speak on t…


Roundabout is a post of noteworthy blog's that I have found over the past couple of weeks. I follow 69 blog's and have visited all of them this morning. I've found several that may be of interest to you!
All of the blog's I visited this morning are created by hard working, dedicated, faithful people. 

Already Not Yet From March 8, 2010--Social Gospel vs. Gospel Proclamation.

The new Exemplify March issue is available:

Forensics & Faith from March 8, 2010--Should the Message Be Hidden?

Inkwell Inspirations from March 8, 2010--Dilemma in Writing a Book Review.

JESUS.WOMAN.WORDS from March 1, 2010--The post is entitled What do you want? Answer the question.…

My Thoughts on So Long, Insecurity

Doylene from Bible Study and I will both be reading and posting reviews on Beth Moore's new book------ So Long, Insecurity.
Doylene is wanting to take the role as negative and I positive. I believe that is the plan?
I want to say right up front that my opinions are just that, mine. I will also not be taking part in any kind of flinging or flogging of words, I am aware that there are some people that just love to debate and or argue.
Not I. Why not? Because that is not what I feel God has called me to do. Remember it is all about Him, not me, not us.

Recently I went to a planning meeting for a simulcast that will be on this book scheduled for April 24. Over 600 sites in North America are taking place in this event, Beth will speak live and then telecast to over 600 places where people will be meeting to hear her speak on Insecurity.  I along with another gal friend from our church (we are both on the Women Ministry Team) went to this planning meeting. At the planning meeting we he…

God...Who are You and what can You do for me?

God...Who are You and what can You do for me? is a ten week Bible study that is online over @
At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2. Every Monday Jenifer Jernigan posts a teaching video, down loadable study material, and a discussion question for the week.
The question for this week is Who is master of your life? Who are you allowing to rule over you? Your job? baggage from past? Unforgiveness? Hatred? Anger? Unhappiness? Your Children?

At certain times in my life I have allowed all of the above to master my life, and have often done so without even being aware of it. As a wife and mother, and caregiver to my parents,  I have encountered my own set of trials. It is easy to allow those moments to overtake my thoughts and dictate to me an attitude and response.
The emotion of those moments must be mastered by His Spirit that abides or lives in me. I cannot be enslaved by my own weak thoughts and emotions, I must allow and be obedient to His Spirit that abides in me to govern my thoughts, …

One Question Friday

One Question Friday is a weekly post generated by Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought.

                                                                       "Pick a planet?"

The word earth is used an astounding 738 times in the Bible.

The following are a few examples from the NIV:

"The earth is the LORD'S and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters." Psalm 24: 1-2

"He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers, or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him." Colossians 1: 15-16

"Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ i…