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My Thoughts on So Long, Insecurity

Doylene from Bible Study and I will both be reading and posting reviews on Beth Moore's new book------ So Long, Insecurity.
Doylene is wanting to take the role as negative and I positive. I believe that is the plan?
I want to say right up front that my opinions are just that, mine. I will also not be taking part in any kind of flinging or flogging of words, I am aware that there are some people that just love to debate and or argue.
Not I. Why not? Because that is not what I feel God has called me to do. Remember it is all about Him, not me, not us.

Recently I went to a planning meeting for a simulcast that will be on this book scheduled for April 24. Over 600 sites in North America are taking place in this event, Beth will speak live and then telecast to over 600 places where people will be meeting to hear her speak on Insecurity.  I along with another gal friend from our church (we are both on the Women Ministry Team) went to this planning meeting. At the planning meeting we heard a live telecast from Beth in speaking about this event. I took a few notes (I'm a note taker). The statement that she made that stood out to me was:
"Every challenge or experience is towards our equipping. The word equipping is from two dominate verbs meaning preparing and repairing. Jesus equally equips me, He is preparing me for a season ahead. Part of our usefulness is in His process of repairing in my life."
I have noticed, that one experience in my life prepares me for the next experience in my life. It is like stepping stones, although most of those stones have been boulders. God in His will allows these trials to happen in my life, that when that trial or season is complete (I may or may not have a brief respite) then that previous season prepares me for the next season.
For example:
Our oldest son David joined the Army in mid January 2002. We said our goodbyes and gave silent tearful hugs to him at the recruiting station on January 16, 2002. He was gone only about a month when he had to return home, he was ill with strep throat and mono. He was home thirty days to recuperate, then back he went recycled through basic training and then further training. We were able to visit with him at Fort Knox, Kentucky for family weekend and then again when he graduated. This makes for a total of three times we said good bye to him, the fourth time we saw him at graduation we brought him home for leave and he was stationed most of the time near home. Each of those times of good-bye prepared us for the bigger good-bye that would happen when he was deployed to Iraq in early 2003 and again in late 2005.
There are many insecurities when you send your child off to war. The biggest is what if he does not come back home to us? That question mark just hangs there above your head if you let it. I've heard it said that faith is doing it scared. True. Faith is doing it not knowing the outcome. Faith is leaving it in God's will.
On March 9th David will be honorably discharged from the National Guard, after over eight years in the military.
All of the praise and all of the honor and all of the glory belongs to Jesus alone!

I will be posting more on Insecurity in the coming day's!

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