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Review-Auralia's Colors

Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet
WaterBrook Press, Published 2007, 334 pages
Jeffrey Overstreet's website is: Looking Closer
To purchase the book or to read more information from the publisher:

This book was purchased by me for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

I am a new sprout in reading Fantasy Christian Fiction. I started reading this genre this year. I feel as if I'm using a different part of my brain when I read Fantasy Christian Fiction---but I'm having a blast!

Auralia's Colors is Book One--The Red Strand in The Auralia Thread, Book Two is Cyndere's Midnight, and Book Three which I will be posting a review on this week is Raven's Ladder.
I would  have liked to have time to read Book Two Cyndere's Midnight, but the book tour for Raven's Ladder is this week and I did not have time.

Auralia is found as a young babe by two thieves. Auralia grows up not knowing her true identity, nor how she came to be left. She is a mysterious child and a child with a talent for creating colors that is not allowed in the kingdom. The people that have become her surrogate family are enchanted by her. She carries beauty and charm with her wherever she goes. The book gives the descriptions of the various kingdoms and diverse groups of people. The names that are used for the characters reminded me of old Welsh or Nordic names.
There is a large assortment of characters, those that are both vicious and kind, poor and seemingly insignificant folk, and those that are of royalty. We are introduced to Car-raven which will continue in books two and three---he is a main character that's persona develops. There are creatures that live in their land that are morphed - 3-D.
I loved this book and as I stated earlier I felt as if I was using a different part of my brain while I was reading this story. It is engrossing and enjoyable. The creativeness that Jeffrey Overstreet has I am astounded by.
It is not a book that you could speed read through, you would miss out on important information. I always take notes when I read and I was able to keep up with the characters and their names, the plot, the descriptions of where they lived and the other creatures that live there. Auralia reminds me of a Princess in a fairy tale, she is beautiful and exotic in her descriptions of her clothing and demeanor. It is a fast story and at times I had to work to keep pace. I appreciated that the author or publisher inserted a list of characters by Book Three Raven's Ladder. Each sentence is a mouth full of vivid verbs---they almost have a palatable taste.
Stay tuned for a review of Raven's Ladder this week!

Blissful Reading!


Katy said…
I've been thinking about picking up this book. Thanks for the review!
A Gracious Home said…
This sounds like a great book to read. It doesn't seem like the usual Christian fiction. I would like to read it. Doylene