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Review-Be Authentic

Be Authentic, Exhibiting Real Faith In The Real World
Old Testament Commentary Genesis 25-50
By Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe, Foreword by Ken Baugh
First Edition published in 1997, and reissued and revised under David C. Cook -- B&B Media Group in 2010
216 pages

This book was provided for free by David C. Cook--B&B Media Group to me for the purpose of reading and reviewing. 

The "Be" Series are 50 commentaries that all begin with the title "Be" then followed by a descriptive word.
Soon to be released are study guides that will be companions to each of the commentaries that he wrote. 
Be Authentic follows the lives of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

Weirsbe gives the definition of "authentic as original as opposed to a copy." Each of these men Isaac, Jacob and Joseph were men that had faults, made wrong choices, had weaknesses, yet each of them had "defining moments" that shaped them into the plan that God had for their lives and for His will.
At the end of each chapter is "Questions For Personal Reflection or Group Discussion."

I have grown to love Weirsbe's books. Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing the New Living Translation Study Bible that Wiersbe is the General Editor of. I continue to use this Bible as my read the Bible through choice of translation.
He writes in such a way that it is as if he is in the room sitting next to you, he does not talk over your head, nor at you as if he is lecturing you, but he speaks on a more personal level. 
He is a writer of discernment and ability to give application to the reader. One of my favorite quotes is--
"Faith is living with out scheming, and faith means obeying God no matter how we feel, what we think, or what might happen."

Blissful Reading!


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