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Review-Songbird Under A German Moon

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Summerside Press Published 2010, 334 pages
Romantic Suspense Christian Fiction

This book was provided to me for free by Litfuse for the purpose of reading and reviewing.

The year is 1945 and twenty year old beautiful Betty Lake travels to post war Germany to sing for the occupied soldiers stationed there. She bunks with several other young girls in an old home that had former Nazi connections, and they sing and perform at Festspielhaus-Festival House. Betty meets Frank an Army Air Corps photographer, sparks between the two are evident as soon as they meet. There are strange sounds in the middle of the night at the home the girls live in. Even though the war is over Nazi sympathizers may not be finished. The book becomes suspenseful when Betty's roommate Kat disappears.
I am a daughter of a Word War II Veteran and any book on this time period I gravitate to.
I thought this was an enjoyable read, I have not read any books in the Christian market on post war Europe and for this it was a welcome read. The author interviewed over one hundred WWII Veterans for research on Songbird Under A German Moon. Some of the words that were used such as broad, lookie-lews, she's a peach, lousy cuss, swell, sappy--these were sayings during this time period. The speech that characters use in a book is important for the believability of the time period. The beauty of Betty Lake and her talent for singing could have made her uppity and conceited, instead she is motivated to want to bring comfort to the soldiers far from home. Betty is a likable character and so is Frank--they are both decent and faithful people.

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