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Roundabout is a post of noteworthy blog's that I have found over the past couple of weeks. I follow 69 blog's and have visited all of them this morning. I've found several that may be of interest to you!
All of the blog's I visited this morning are created by hard working, dedicated, faithful people. 

Already Not Yet From March 8, 2010--Social Gospel vs. Gospel Proclamation.

The new Exemplify March issue is available:

Forensics & Faith from March 8, 2010--Should the Message Be Hidden?

Inkwell Inspirations from March 8, 2010--Dilemma in Writing a Book Review.

JESUS.WOMAN.WORDS from March 1, 2010--The post is entitled What do you want? Answer the question.

Living Water Fiction A New Blog I'm following by author Vicki Moss, has information about several genre's of reading:

Medieval Bookworm The author of this blog has several interesting book reviews from Chinese history to classic literature. 

Novel Matters Getting Dirty for Christian Fiction.

Operation Actually Read Bible There are two great posts on judging books by there covers.

Passages to the Past a historical fiction book blog always has great book giveaway's.

Patterings has a beautifully written post entitled Soul Quenching from March 5, 2010.

The LPM Blog Two posts on following along with the So Long, Insecurity online study discussion.

Wish Fulfillment Stories Another new blog I am following by author Marlayne Giron, she writes short stories on this blog. The story written March 7, 2010 entitled Clay in the Potter's Hands is beautiful!

Word-Vessel I tried to pick up a link but was unable to, follow the link for the blog and scroll down to March 7, 2010 for the title Spilled Out-Part 1. Cathy Bryant is writing posts leading up to Easter on Bible stories about characters and their relationship to Jesus. This post is on Mary and Martha and I loved it!

Blissful Blogging!


Cathy Bryant said…
Annette, thanks so much for mentioning the Bible stories on WordVessel. So sorry you couldn't get the link. Here it is if someone wants to copy and paste it into their browser:

Cathy =)