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Review-Forget Me Not

By Vicki Hinze
Published by Multnomah Books 2010, 329 pages
Christian Fiction Romance Suspense
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This book was provided to me for free by WaterBrook Multnomah for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

Forget Me Not is Book One in the Crosswords Crisis Center

The book begins in a dramatic intense way with a murder. The books tone is then continued when a mystery woman shows up in the same city looking eerily like a woman that recently died. The mystery woman does not remember what her name is, nor anything about her previous life, she only remembers that she is a believer in God. Both the mystery woman and the woman that previously died have ties to The Crossroads Crisis Center. The owner of the center is Benjamin Brandt and he is at a loss and even angered at first, as to what kind of motive does this mystery woman have. The book has a dark villainous cast of characters, those that sit behind desks, those that hide behind a facade of wealth and power, and those that are paid to do the dirty work.
This book is entertaining, quick and fast paced, it has twists and turns.
My questions while reading the book was who are the bad guys? And what is the connection between the two women that look a like?
The front cover of the book is a haunting photo, an image of a woman is in the background (but not a full face given), a dark and undefined house is in the forefront. The front cover I felt captured the mystery of a woman that does not remember in full who she is, and of a dark and foreboding home that holds dark secrets.
The author states in the book that this is her first Christian fiction book, she has done a great job. I'm praying that she'll continue to write more books!

Blissful Reading!