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Roundabout is a post that I try and do at least twice per month. I visit all of the "70" blog's that I follow and then post those I found that maybe of interest to my own reader's.

April Issue of Exemplify Magazine

April Issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine

J. Kaye's 365 Days of Novel Writing is inspiring and motivating. You go girl!

A top book reviewing blog! It is well respected in the book blogging community.

April 11-17 is National Library Week--follow the link for more information---Thank you Katy @
A Few More Pages

Three Precious Words by Todd Pruitt

Hard working Becky at Becky's Book Reviews--This is her secular book blog--A top stop!

Advice on writing and publishing from the author Bonnie Grove.

Visible and Invisible Wounds by Jill Nutter

Do You Have Extreme Devotion? by Kathi Macias.

Many of the blogger's that I follow participated in a 24 Hour Readathon---Dewey's Read-a-Thon.
Sandy gave a great journal of her reading

All of the blog's that I follow are authored by hardworking---dedicated blogger's!!!!!

Now stop reading my blog and go watch PBS Masterpiece Theater The Diary of Anne Frank.

Blissful Blogging!


Thanks for the links!

I watched Anne Frank last night! I love Masterpiece Theater!
J. Kaye said…
Wow! Thank you so much!