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Book 1 The Heavenly Host The Testings of Devotion by Cheryl Dellasega

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Published by VMI, 2009, 250 pages, Fiction

Cheryl Dellasega, PHD is a professor of humanities at a large university. She is a certified spiritual director and an award winning author. She is the founder of an organization to help adolescent girls learn positive relationship skills. She is married and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

I have searched for this book on the various book sites: CBD, LifeWay Christian Book Store, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Mardel's. I have found the book available at CBD see link above, also at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. The book is not available at LifeWay nor Mardel's.

This book was provided for free for review by Bring It On! Communications

The Heavenly Host The Testings of Devotion is Book 1 in what will be a series.

The book is about angels in heaven that witness the rebellion of Lucifer and his followers and their fall from heaven. These angels continue to have encounters with Lucifer and his followers while they are at work for the Almighty Divine. The main character Sophia is given a new and privileged assignment and she is unsure of her abilities. The books focus is the testings of devotion, testings of the angels and testings of humans.
I did not like this book. It was difficult for me to read and especially difficult for me to complete.
Earlier in 2010 I read Angels by Dr. David Jeremiah. This book would be difficult to compare with any other book on angels because it is Biblically sound in doctrine. In Dr. Jeremiah's book every pages theme is angels; but the focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ. Having said this, it was difficult to read a book on angels that was not Biblically sound, it is true that this book is not being promoted at such; yet I cannot dissociate myself from the Bible even if the book is fiction.
Reviewing this book is good practice for me, to be professional, to not be judgmental or critical, but to be honest. When an author writes a book and is attacked, to me that is unacceptable and I'll not take part in that. An author's book is their accomplishment and they look upon it as their child.

Why did I not like this book?
1. The angels are human in characteristic. They are jealous, envious, they have doubt, fear, worry, have a will and a choice, they can become miserable with their duties, they debate their assignments. Their bodies are humanized: they are tall, short, thin.
In having human characteristics the angels are then humanized and there is little difference between an angel and a human.
2. There is too much dialogue. I'm trying hard to not fill in my own pre-conceived expectations about angels, plus my own reading of what Scripture reveals about angels. The angels in the book The Heavenly Host debate, fret, and speak frequently about assignments and what is going on with humans on earth.
3. The angels are wishy washy, not strong in character.
4. In heaven humans worry about what is going on with their families on earth. To me it would not be heaven if I had worries.

What I did like about the book.
1. The author has a vivid and creative imagination.
2. The angels do receive specific orders directly from their creator--The Almighty Divine.
3. The angels do understand the word repent.

I would be interested in reading Book 2, I'm willing to give this series another chance. I have given this book much thought and will continue to do so.
Understand that this book is fiction; not Biblically based. I've read other reviews that liked this book because it was not "overtly religious", and it gave the reader more information about what angels do.

Blissful Reading!