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Overtly Religious

What does "overtly religious" mean? Yes I'm asking you my readers? Is the Bible overtly religious? Is it outdated, and do we choose what to read and believe? Is fiction okay even if it might lead people away from the Bible? How do you draw the line, or do you?

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Becky said…
I don't think the Bible is outdated at all. I think it's very relevant to how we live our lives today, to how we view the world around us. God doesn't change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And humans don't change all that much either. Sin is still sin is still sin. People are still struggling with the same things today.

I don't think we should pick and choose what to believe from the Bible. (That doesn't stop people from doing that just. But I don't think it's a *good* idea to do so!)

As for fiction, that's something every single Christian has to decide for themselves--and that may change with time too. I think some fiction is more "dangerous" than other types. (Or that some is more obviously dangerous.) I guess it depends on how strong a person is in his/her faith. And the reasons why they're picking the book(s) up in the first place. I think if you're strong in the faith, then it will take more than reading a fiction book to shake you up and turn you around.