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Prayer Request!

I have an urgent prayer request:
My granddaughters best friend and neighbor is very ill. She is 6 years old and she was just diagnosed with stage 2 liver cancer. She will have surgery on June 1 to have 1/2 of her liver removed. This little girl already has a blood disorder where her blood does not clot well.
I will withhold her name because of privacy, we'll just call her K.
I'll keep you posted.
Also pray for K mother and father.
Pray for my granddaughter we will have to tell her soon about her dear little friend.

Thank you.


Tea said…
Will keep your little granddaughter's friend in my prayers. Very sad to hear when children are ill.
sEy said…
Everyone of them will be in my prayers, the father, mother, the sick child and your granddaughter too.