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Review-Chosen, The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther by Ginger Garrett

Book One: Lost Loves Of The Bible
David C. Cook, B&B Media Group, Inc.  2010
Author website
Actual story is pages 19-271; maps, appendix, afterwords, information on the diaries take up the rest of book--total of 304 pages.
This book was provided to me for free by David C. Cook for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

The front and back cover of the book Chosen is exotic and luscious in the colors of sapphire, gold, and purple. The half face of a young women with a sapphire scarf covering her head peers at the reader with one doe eye. Her innocent brown eye cries out loudly of her fear and sadness.  
A movie in 2006, One Night With The King, was the story of Esther. The movie version drifted toward a great love between Esther and Xerxes. We don't know if this is true or not, the Bible does not tell us if Esther and Xerxes loved each other. It is safe to assume that as King, Xerxes would look upon Esther as his property. Esther as well as all women, were under his domain and servitude. In America in the 21st Century it is difficult for a woman to fully understand a culture that looked upon women as a baby maker, servant, and property of men.
Ginger Garrett has taken a story from the Bible that is well known and has emphasized not a love story between and man and a woman; but a story of great faith and love between a young woman and God.
The book is written in a diary format. In the beginning, actually until page 65 I could not "fall in to" the book. I was grasping for an attachment to the character Esther. At page 65 I was drawn completely in to the story and did not want to put the book down. I carried the book everywhere with me. The drama of Esther's year of beauty treatments was fascinating. The stories of the other young women in the palace also going through beauty treatments was both heart breaking and lurid. Esther is introduced to the treachery, games and deception that is in the royal palace. Esther is a wise, articulate, observant and practical girl. She grew during this period: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She developed before my eyes in the pages I was reading. Her faith grew as she disrobed her old life, and dressed in the clothes of her new life and mission. My heart raced with suspense and anticipation as she walked to Xerxes' chamber. She had been prepped in many ways, but still did not understand this "night" between a man and a woman.
There is passion and fervor in Ginger Garrett's writing. She thoroughly researches and leaves nothing incomplete.
I loved this book and recommend it. I was uncertain in the beginning as I stated above, but this book has charmed me!

Future books in this series will be on Jezebel and Delilah. 

Blissful Reading!