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Review-A History of Christianity, The First Three Thousand Years, Episode 1 The First Christianity

The B&B Media Group, Inc.
Ambrose Video
A 60 minute DVD
Co-produced by the BBC, the Open University, and Jerusalem Productions
Presented by Diarmaid MacCulloch an Oxford history professor
A 6 part series of DVD's on the history of Christianity

This DVD was provided for free to me for review by The B&B Media Group

This is a first for me--to watch and review a DVD for a publishing company. I am thankful to
The B&B Media Group for this opportunity!

I had no idea what to expect when I started watching this DVD. Was this documentary going to be a secular view point on Christianity? Was it going to be biased? Would I encounter teachings that would be in error against the Bible? I was not familiar with Diarmaid MacCulloch, and had no idea what to expect in his presentation of Christianity on the DVD.
I have only watched the 1st DVD of this series and I enjoyed the history lesson and travels to each of the early churches. The DVD is not a DVD about the Bible, nor theology, nor does it discuss Jesus' teachings. The DVD is about the history of the church: where they were, what problems they encountered, how they lived and withstood among the cultures of other countries, and early church bishop's.
The first thing that stood out to me was the cinema photography of the villages, cities, and the terrain and historical places of the countries he toured. The views were beautiful and the pictures clear, I felt as if I too were there. Diarmaid MacCulloch walked the streets where people were dining in sidewalk cafe's, people walking to work or other places, people working in their businesses or shopping. I felt I got a view of these places that I would not have necessarily observed if I were a tourist. The view in to the heart of everyday life of people brings about a clarity, that people no matter what nationality they are, are people just as I am, they work and play and have families. We know this in our minds; but to see this brings a familiarity that no matter the national language there is an understanding.
Diarmaid MacCulloch takes the audience to the church that was built around the tomb of Jesus. I did not know there are actually several chapels in this 1 church. Diarmaid travels to Edessa an early church in Turkey. He speaks of the original leading churches: Antioch, Alexandria, Rome and Constantinople. He gave the early churches first crisis that brought about a council to make decisions on doctrinal teaching and understanding.
He travels to India and China to visit the early churches history in these places.
There is only 1 thing that I disliked, I could not always understand some of the people that he interviewed, their pronunciation and dialect was hard for me to understand. I would have liked to have had what they were saying in a caption on the screen.
Over all this is an interesting documentary on the early churches history.

Blissful Reading!