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Review-Psalm 23 The Song Of A Passionate Heart by David Roper

Discovery House Publishers RBC Ministries, 1994, 173 pages

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This book was given to me by Discovery House Publisher to read, they did not ask me to review this book.

If you were to ask people at random what is something they know from the Bible, they would probably state the 23rd Psalm. It is well-known and beloved by many. It is known by those that do not read the Bible, it is known by many that do not attend church. The 23rd Psalm is recited at funerals, it is memorized for comfort for those trials of life that we are assured of coming. The 23rd Psalm is on plaques and pictures that people hang on their walls in the dining room (I do this).
How many have studied this Psalm? I am not referring to those that rattle off the Psalm not paying any attention to what they are even saying. I am talking about reading and studying each word, each phrase.
The author takes the 23rd Psalm and applies it to our life, our everyday life full of worries and anxieties, dry times, times of leisure or times of heartache. He speaks not at us, but speaks to us as if he is holding our hand, even embracing us at times.
The author David Roper has written a beautiful book. This book moves me and stirs my heart with its fluid poetry like words.
The book is small-pocket size, light weight. The cover is of a beautiful serene green valley. All the pages of the book are encased in a blocked design like you would a portrait.
Many Bible verses and quotes are given.
This is a great book for meditative reading, daily devotional reading. It would be a great gift for anyone.
Some of my favorite quotes from this book:
"The main purpose of reading the Bible, however is not to accumulate data about Him, but to come to Him, to encounter Him as our living God."
"Our path is His business not ours. Our business is to trust Him with all our heart and to refuse to rely on our own understanding. Certainly we must plan and prepare, but we must hold our schemes and dreams loosely, giving God the right to revise them or replace them with out our approval or knowledge, permitting Him to advise us, correct us, inspire us and prompt us, knowing that His compelling hand is directing everything we do."

Blissful Reading!


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