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Review-The Right Call by Kathy Herman

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Published by David C. Cook The B&B Media Group,Inc., 2010
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390 pages, $14.99, Christian Fiction/Suspense/Murder Mystery

My review of previous book in this series:

This book was provided for free for review by David C. Cook Publishing.

Sophie Trace Trilogy Book 3

Ethan Langley is home from college for the summer. He is anxious to see his sweetheart Vanessa and her baby son Carter. I say sweetheart because a budding relationship has developed between the two; yet they are serious about taking things slowly because of college and baby Carter. Vanessa's mother Brill Jessup is the chief of police in the town of Sophie Trace.
Chief Jessup and her husband Kurt have 2 other children; an older son Ryan and a younger daughter Emily.
Sophie Trace is the stage for a series of murders surrounded by the artistic setting of the Smokey Mountains of eastern Tennessee. The book begins with a murder and then is quickly followed by 3 other murders, all are young people. Ethan is faced with being a comfort to others, and hard decisions about what is the right thing to do.

I loved this book!
What has stood out to me the most is the teaching lesson in wise discernment through a story. Ethan is a young man, a college student, but he is faced with hard decisions in several areas of his life. He grapples with his own passions and desires, wanting to be a friend and a peacemaker, and what is the right course for his future. He is a strong and admirable character.
Vanessa is a portrait in being a young unmarried mother. She struggles with balancing the care for her young son and college. She wants to make wise choices about her future relationships; because she fell short making mistakes previously. She too is a strong and admirable character.
Brill Jessup I adore, she is a perfect blending of toughness; yet real and honest. We see her directness with her officers and perpetrators; yet we see her passion and emotions with the helpless. She is a character that I can relate to, that I could be friends with, that I admire.
The Jessup family is a family like any family--they are relatable to us. The are a family that I can say, "Oh, I know people like that" and their experiences encourage me in my life.
The series of murder mysteries baffled me and as hard as I tried to figure out--who did it? I could not and I was surprised with the ending.

Kathy Herman is in the process writing another trilogy story--Secrets of Roux River Bayou.
You will understand how this next set of books tie in when you read The Right Call.

Blissful Reading!