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Roundabout is a post that I try and do at least twice per month. I visit all of the blog's that I follow (78) and then post those that might be of interest to my reader's.

The Shroud and the sufficiency of Christ

A Christian blog that is warm/inviting/enriching, often her posts are for her reader's to take part in creative writing.

C. S. Lewis Three Kinds off Men

How to go Crazy Without Trying. Great advice about writing/publishing.

Out of Suffering and Into Healing

A new book by Michelle Sutton a fellow blogger/writer.

Why Put a Book Down?

Faith 'n' Fiction Saturday: Heaven

A new book review blog I'm following--excellent/detailed/professional book reviews.

When God Show Up: What happens when the Lord of glory pulls back the "curtain."

Joyful Expectancy
and No More Worry

Heart of Darkness/Heart of Light

Blissful Blogging!