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Spirituality vs. Jesus written by Stephen Altrogge

Spirituality invites you to explore your inner self. Jesus invites you to explore his glory and forget yourself.

Spirituality invites you to find yourself. Jesus invites you to lose yourself.

Spirituality is a journey that ultimately results in you “saving” yourself. Following Jesus is a journey that begins when you stop trying to save yourself.

Spirituality leads to self-expression which results in self-fulfillment. Jesus calls you to die to yourself and find your fulfillment in him.

Spirituality begins when you resolve to “try harder”. Following Jesus begins when you give up.

Spirituality says you’re worth it. Jesus says that he’s worth it.

Spirituality allows you to take charge of your life. Jesus commands you to acknowledge him as King of your life.

Spiritual gurus dispense “wisdom”.

Jesus saves sinners.


Tea said…
Your blog is so inspiring. Psalm 23 is the first Psalm my mother told me to memorized. She said, if I had a nightmare and repeated Psalm 23, the nightmare would go away. It's a very comforting and beautiful Psalm. Thanks for your review. God bless your blog.
Annette said…
Thank you so much that makes my day!
Tea said…
You're so welcome.