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An Award Won!

I won The Versatile Blogger award yesterday, thank you to Patiently Waiting .
The rules for this award is that when you receive this award, you must share seven things about yourself and then pass it on to fifteen blog's you've recently discovered that you enjoy!

Seven Things About Myself:
1. I'm a bird watcher. I feed the birds and squirrels in my back yard, noting what kind of birds I am attracting. My husband has joined in with me in this hobby. We especially love to bird watch when we are on vacation at the cabin in Colorado, we see such a different variety of birds we don't see in Texas. As for my favorite bird--the owl, I'm crazy about owls, followed by cardinals, and little birds like finches and chickadees.
2. My favorite television channels are the history and military channels on Dish Network. I read everyday, but on occasion I will watch television. I don't watch any prime time shows. I also like Turner Classic Movies.
3. I could eat grilled salmon almost everyday, I do eat an apple every night before bed.
4. I like quiet and solitude, and I can go all day in this atmosphere.
5. I love to bake--anything.
6. I love to do the laundry and dislike anyone else doing my laundry.
7. I prefer no makeup and t-shirt and jeans.

Fifteen blog's that I've found recently and I nominate for this award!

Blissful Blogging!


Katy said…
Congratulations on winning the award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me! :)

I'm with you on the quiet and solitude. I love it.
Annette said…
You welcome, I could have also stated that I'm a napper.
Blissful Reading to you!
covnitkepr1 said…
Well, what can I say...I'm speachless. Thank you so much for the's my first (not assuming there will be more)it's my first and I feel quite honored. I am pleased that the Lord has seen fit to use me to inspire others. I gladly lay this award humbly at His deserving feet.
Thank you Annette.
Tea said…
Congratulations Annette! You totally deserve this award. I love the pretty green. Enjoy!
Loren said…
Aww! Thank you so much :)

I loved learning these things about you :) I used to hate the quiet but now!! I LOVE IT :)

What a wonderful hobby to share with your hubby!

You can come do my laundry ;)

I love the summer bc I typically don't wear makeup then!!! But in the winter ~ I have to have some kind of color

twiga92 said…
Thank you for the award! It's nice to find your blog also. I'm curious what the 2010 Bible Reading challenge is.
Annette said…
Twiga the Bible reading challenge is just to try and read all the books of the Bible in a year. The person that started this endeavor is Becky at Operation Actually Read Bible.

Becky posts her report on her Sunday Salon page.
Thanks for asking1
Tracy said…
Annette! Well, aren't you the sweetest thing?! Thank you so much for thinking of me for this honor. How kind of you!

I love finding out these fun details about you. I wish that I could do no makeup. I am afraid of scaring others away.

History and Military? I would never have guessed. That is wonderful. Blessings to you.
Bob West said…
thank you Annette!
God Bless, Bob West
Anonymous said…
Wow!! Thanks for mentioning me and passing on the award!! I'm honored. It will take a couple of days for me to get this info together on my blog. Thanks for this.


Nora :D
Finding Hope Through Fiction
Annette W. said…
You're the second other Annette I've "met" this week! :)

I love to bake, too...and eat....

Your daily apple is an excellent idea.