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Beguiled by Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand

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Published by Bethany House 2010, 336 pages

I was sent this book for free as I am the book coordinator at my church and occasionally Bethany House sends me books. I chose to read/review Beguiled.

Rylee Monroe is a young and beautiful woman that lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Rylee is a dog walker and she has inadvertently stumbled in to an investigation of the Robin Hood burglar.
A reporter named Logan Woods is trying to uncover the case of the burglar. His boss is aggressively demanding a story on the real burglar that is targeting Charleston.
Logan and Rylee are pulled in together not only to a building relationship, but to the discovery of who the Robin Hood burglar is.

It took till the middle of the book for me to be swept away by the events in the story. The beginning of the book was working to build its case for the plot, it was heavy on romance. It seemed as if something was missing in the first 1/2 and I can't quite put my little finger on it, maybe it dragged a little, or maybe after reading several nonfiction books in a row I was not in the romantic frame of mind.
The book did pick up and I was glad that I stayed with it.
It has a good resolving of the story in the end.
I liked the twist at the end, but was not completely surprised with the real perpetrator.
There is suspense and mystery, but heavy on romance.
There are a couple of instances of the characters praying, little reference to God.
All in all I felt it was an okay book.
I have noticed that this book has received a lot of publicity.
I wonder how publishers decide what books get more publicity than others?

Blissful Reading!


Becky said…
I've read and enjoyed so many of Gist's historical romances--Maid to Match being the most recent-- but I am just not sure I want to read this one.
Annette said…
Becky you might like this book, this was just my opinion.