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Fiction Versus Non-Fiction

Just curious, why are there more blog's that have Christian fiction reviews than Christian non-fiction?

Don't be shy! Comment.


Linda said…
I like to do a good balance of both, but more Christian novels are offered as giveaways than Christian non-fiction. More offers for non-fiction need to be offered. Also, a lot of the new Christian fiction is based on today's issues. That's my take.
Becky said…
I do review Christian nonfiction. I love it. I think it's important to read it, to evaluate it, to discuss it! I would LOVE to see more blogs covering Christian NF!
I, too, enjoy reading and reviewing both. I agree with Becky that its important to read and discuss it. There are many Christian publishers who make Christian nonfiction available to bloggers. I currently have books from NavPress, Crossway and Moody in the queue. I think perhaps the reason there is more review of fiction is that it is quicker to read in general, so it is easier to get posts up quicker if that is your general goal. That being said, I love fiction, and am working on a fiction manuscript myself. I think there is great value in story, too, to teach.
Mark said…
For me personally, I read more fiction - hope that doesn't sound shallow - and it seems there are more opportunities to review fiction than non-fiction - at least that I have run across. And when I do run across non-fiction, it isn't always a book I am intertested in reading and reviewing - but a very good question you have put forth
Annette said…
I seem to be on a non-fiction roll at this time. I have had a large stack of non-fiction Christian books to read that I've not been able to tackle, plus I've had several new books come in to review.
NavPress and David C. Cook have both have good choices in Christian non-fiction to review. Last year 2 non-fiction books If God Is Good by Randy Alcorn and You Were Born For This by Bruce Wilkinson were available for review by Multnomah.
I feel that fiction is easier to read, and in being honest--it is an escape. Yes, it can be a teaching lesson in story form, but fiction is most of the time light reading.
Non-fiction requires thinking, pondering; often it can be convicting. It is not an entertaining type book, it is meant to be educational. An educational book is a turn off to many.
Thats my 2 cents, stay tuned for another post on this subject!
I think you're so right, Annette. Nonfiction takes more work and good nonfiction should be convicting and challenging to your faith. Sadly, such nonfiction is becoming more rare, however.
twiga92 said…
I think the above comments really hit the nail on the head - nonfiction does take more thinking to read and I think fiction is much more popular to read because it is quicker and easier. I like to read both but I do get on non-fiction kicks sometimes. I tend to write down a lot of quotes when I'm reading non-fiction so that slows me down.