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Intervention by Terri Blackstock

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Intervention is a New York Times bestseller

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Published by Zondervan, 2009, 336 pages, Fiction/Suspense/Mystery

This is the first book I've read by Terri Blackstock. It is an awesome read!!

Barbara Covington is a widowed middle age woman struggling to raise an addicted teenage daughter and a younger teenage son. The daughter is Emily a bright and beautiful girl, she has so much to live for--yet her body and mind and spirit is full of the addiction that is eating at her like a parasite. The brother is Lance, he is a precocious, intelligent, and insightful boy. Barbara has been trying to "hold it together" during these years after her husbands death; she is stoic--maybe too stoic, appearing icy and unapproachable. Babara finally makes the decision to send Emily to a rehab center via an interventionist. The intervention goes as planned, Emily as was predicted is combative, but finally complies. Emily and the interventionist leave, later the interventionist is found dead and Emily is missing. Barbara and Lance, as well as the police are searching for Emily.  Detective Kent Harlan becomes apart of the story, he is calm, cool, and experienced.

I felt this was a gripping, raw, bitter, pungent, scary, suspenseful, hard to put down book.
The character Emily is displayed for the reader in all the fierceness and ugliness of what addiction does to a  person. Barbara her mother grasps at what is the right thing to do for her daughter. Barbara is a charge ahead woman, at times bull headed; but the love she has for her children is almost tangible for the reader.
I felt this is a story that has great importance, most of us know of someone that is in the grip of an addiction.
The story helps us to better be able to understand what the addict is capable of, how they are feeling, the spiral in to the addiction, and what the result will be unless rehabilitation comes.

Blissful Reading!