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The Meeting of the Waters, 7 Global Currents That Will Propel the Future Church by Fritz Kling

Published 2010, 233 pages

This copy was provided for free to me by David C. Cook for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

Fritz Kling called it a "listening tour." He traveled to nineteen countries "listening" to others talk-- about their mission work, or talking to the people who's country he was visiting, he even listened to those of other religions-- including those he felt reluctant to interview. He then made some dramatic discoveries in what missionaries are now faced with in the 21st Century. He finds seven prevalent trends from this "listening tour". These seven trends are described in depth in his book The Meeting of the Waters. The books title is from the two rivers in Brazil that then merge in to the Amazon river. These two rivers, the Rio Negro (a black water river) and Rio Solimoes (a caramel color river) flow together distinct and seperate for 10 miles until they finally blend. After reading this book I feel that I have a keener knowledge of the mission world of 2010. The author traveled to nineteen countries and I too traveled there with him in the pages of his book. This book is eye-opening, inspiring, encouraging, and energizing. I have a large interest in missions, I wonder sometimes if the Lord has plans for me in the future as far as missions are concerned, but for now my mission work is caring for my elderly father. One of my favorite parts of the book is in how to dialogue with Muslims. Muslims have pre-conceived ideas and fears of evangelicals that I was not aware of. This was eye-opening to me and hopefully I will get my chance someday to have a conversation with a Muslim. At the end of each chapter the author gives representative organizations that are involved in the subjects he had talked about in that chapter.
I am passing my copy on to a friend and his family that are leaving for Poland to be missionaries later this year!

Blissful Reading!


A Gracious Home said…
This sounds like a great book to read. I had to give up on reviewing books but I love to read reviews.