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No Greater Love by Kathi Macias

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Extreme Devotion Series
Book 1 No Greater Love. CBD link:

Book 2 More Than Conquerors this book is available now at bookstores. CBD link:

Book 3 will be available in August 2010 (according to CBD site)--Red Ink--The country where this story is based is China.

Book 4 is People of the Book--The country where this story is based is Saudi Arabia.

New Hope Publishers, 2010, 320 pages
Link for more information about book at New Hope Publishers is:

Author website is:

I am so excited to bring this book to your attention through review!
I can not say enough kind words, and I am proud of the author for writing a book that to my knowledge the subject has not been written before in any other Christian fiction book.
The subject is dicey and thorny to many people. The country where this story is written is South Africa the time period starts during the late 1980's when apartheid was in force.

According to Britannica--apartheid means--"policy that governed relations betweeen South Africa's white minority and non white majority and sanctioned racial segregation and political and economic discrimination against non white. The implementation of apartheid, often called "separate development" since the 1960's was made possible through the Population Registration Act of 1950 which classified all South African's as either Bantu (all black African's), Coloured (those of mixed race), or white. A fourth category Asian (Indian and Pakistan) was later added."

Now for the review!
The Vorster family consists of Pieter and Anana and their son Andrew. They have a working farm near Pretoria South Africa. Andrew is a handsome young man. We are introduced early in the story to Chioma and Masozi, a sister and brother that work on the Vorster farm. Andrew and Chioma are attracted to one another knowing that this is forbidden by law. When a horrific assault happens Chioma is afraid, bitter, and indignant. She tries to compose and dismiss her feelings for Andrew. Tragedy engulfs them all again and Chioma leaves and joins a rebel band.
Chioma in the book is faced with torturous decisions, she has lived through much torment and suffering. What will be the ultimate act in this story?

The book is so many things: it is a big story giving a panoramic view of South Africa, it is a page turner... you just cannot put the book down, it educates the reader to life under apartheid, it places the reader in the are there, it is moving and gut wrenching, and yet it is full of hope and inspiration.
After having read this book I understand so much more of South Africa, the various groups that live there--their cultures and history.
The book shows in story that people can be lost in a mind set that is unforgiving and intolerant of those they believe are beneath them.
It also gives great inspiration and hope for those willing to take a step of faith in another direction.
Only one thing I found in the book and that is a misspelled word on page 122--Anana is spelled Anna.

This book was won by me and I chose to read and review it.

Blissful Reading!