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The Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges

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 I had a difficult time finding the exact book cover that I have, what is displayed is the exact replica of what I read.

I feel The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges should be read before reading The Practice of Godliness.
The Pursuit of Holiness is about taking off the old self--the sin nature.
The Practice of Godliness is about putting on the new self--the new creation/holy in Christ Jesus.

My previous review of The Pursuit of Holiness:

Published by NavPress in 1983, 1996 and 2008
Book has 240 pages
Discussion Guide has 72 pages

List of Christian character traits in the Bible:
Galatians 5: 22-23
Colossians 3: 12-16
Ephesians 4: 2-3, 32
James 3: 17
2 Peter: 1: 5-7

The highlight of my summer by far has been in reading these two books by Jerry Bridges----
The Pursuit of Holiness and The Practice of Godliness.
I am in BSF during the fall and spring, during the summer I feel dry and in need of deep Bible study. Jerry Bridges' two books were just what I needed.
The author has written in seventeen short chapters what is means, and how to grow, to be a person that has holy/godly character.
Some examples are: humility, contentment, joy, self-control, and patience.
I took eleven pages of notes on the book! I looked up the Scriptures that were given---this is so important to do!!!
As a human and Christian it seems impossible that I will ever attain a godly character on earth, yet Scripture encourages me to never give up. As a believer in Christ Jesus I am not called to be like the kosmos--the world, I am called to become more and more like Jesus. I am to reflect Him in my life, for His glory and for a living testimony of what He has and is doing in my life. Praise His Holy name!
The area I feel I am most lacking in (of course all areas need work) is contentment.
For those who do not know, I live with my elderly dad in his home and care for him full-time. My husband works in another city and is only here on the weekends. We have lived under this arrangement for over 8 years. Contentment is difficult, I miss my husband terribly and at times I feel sorry for myself; yet in the same breath I know and understand that this is God's will for my least for this season. I have some days that are a struggle to be content, other days are fine. Then there are some days that satan tries to really hammer it on me. I endure, persevere, pray all the time, memorize Scripture.
This book has helped me more that words could ever express in this review. Thank you Jerry Bridges!

I feel this book would be excellent for small group discussion.
The discussion guide is a condensed version of the book. There are Scriptures that are taken from the book and looked at more deeply, included are great questions on which to ponder and discuss.

Favorite quotes from the book:
"...godly is more than Christian character. Devotion to God is more than a warm fuzzy, it is always devotion in action. Devotion is an attitude towards God."

"The practice of godliness is first of all the cultivation of a relationship with God, and from this the cultivation of a life that is pleasing to God. Our concept of God and our relationship with Him determine our conduct."

"The contented person experiences the sufficiency of God's provision for his needs and the sufficiency
of God's grace for his circumstances. A godly person has found satisfaction and rest in his soul."

This book was provided for me for free by NavPress for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

Blissful Reading!


Annette, I discovered Jerry through NavPress and am reading everything I can get my hands on by him. Right now I am reading Transforming Grace and being so blessed!
NavPress said…
Your great review really sums up what Jerry was trying to say. He remains one of our most beloved authors, and I'm so glad you like him.