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Questions From All In A Day's Thought

Wendy is the author of the blog All In A Day's Thought and she loves to ask enriching questions that stir our creativity.
Her original post:
Her questions today are:
"What personal touches do you enjoy?"
"Do You spy with your little eye?"

The first question I am struggling with, you see my husband works in another town during the work week and is only here on the weekends, my best personal touches are from him. My first thoughts in answering this question is a physical touch and I know of know better physical touch than from my husband.
In digging a little deeper in to this word personal, the definition means one's own; individual; private, or close; intimate. (Oxford Pocket American Dictionary)
The most intimate or closeness I have is with Jesus. Jesus' Spirit abides in me and He is my ever present friend, counselor, master, Lord. I cannot imagine and do not want to--what it would be like to not have Him abiding in me. I would be lost, lost eternally and lost in this earthly world.

The second question is "Do you spy with your little eye?" I laughed when I read that question. It reminds me of what my mother told me when I was a little girl; mother would say, "she had eyes in the back of her head."
For a while I believed her, and it did---freak me out a little. Mother told me this so I would be on my best behavior and believe she was aware of what I was doing at all times.
Yes, I spy with my little eye. My "little eye" is my intuition and acute awareness of what is going on at all times with my elderly father that I care for. In years past this "little eye" was for my children, now for my dad.
When my grandchildren are with my my "little eye" is watching them.
To say it is a huge responsibility to care for children or elderly just does not seem to be an adequate enough description. It is a selfless act, and a sacrifice. Their welfare comes first.

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