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Roundabout is a post I try and do 1-2 times per month. I visit all of the blog's that I follow and then post on this Roundabout those I found that were noteworthy. I now follow 92 blog's....whew!
Todd had 2 posts that I found great:
An interesting meme to participate in: review that caught my eye:
2 posts on J. I. Packer
A post on writing negative book reviews

Several blogger's took part in a Bloggieista

 The blog that led the Bloggiesta was:

A new nonfiction book (I will be posting on this book in the coming week) from--

Another post on writing a negative book review:

Great book review on a book I may have to read:

Five Tips To Tame The Social Network Monster---(wise advice):

Book review on Jane Austen's unfinished books:

A difficult post subject:

An uplifting post:

Fire and brimstone preaching (I remember that)

Blissful Blogging!


Thanks so much for your linkback, Annette! I appreciate it. Want to take some time to check out your links as they look intriguing.