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Thankful Thursday!

On this Thursday I am thankful:
1. My granddaughter's best friend Kalani had surgery today and the surgery was successful. The tumor was very large that was removed from her abdomen area.
2. That I can freely go before the throne of grace in prayer.
3. That my prayers are always heard.
4. That even when the Lord is quiet I know He is with me.
5. Kleenix tissues that are extra soft.

Blissful Blogging!


Tea said…
Reading your thankful entries make me want to give thanks too. I am going to put your badge on my blog as encouragement to myself and others who might come by. Thanks again for being here.
Thanks for stopping by my page. I enjoyed yours as well. I especially like that you have a lot of Christian nonfiction reviews....seems that there are more blogs out there that review Christian fiction. I notice you also visit some of my favorite blogs: Word-Vessel, Finding Hope Through Fiction & Relz. Blessings on your weekend.

P.S. Be sure to sign up for my giveaway, too for a box of books.
Annette said…
Julia, I never noticed till you mentioned it that it is true there are more blog's with Christian fiction than non-fiction. I wonder why?
Thank you for being my new friend!
Have a great weekend too!

Thank you Tea and Inspiration, you have a great weekend also!