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The Victor by Marlayne Giron

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Authors blog:
Tate Publishing & Enterprises, 2009, 276 pages, for ages 9-12, Christian Fantasy

Cover by Kandi Evans, Interior Design by Joey Garrett, Illustrations by Cindy Jordan

This book was given to me for free from the author for the purpose of reading/reviewing, and as a donation to our future children's library at our church. Maybe you remember from an earlier post that our church burned January 19 of this year. 

There are 2 book trailers:

A Riveting and Romantic Tale! The Victor by Marlayne Giron

Marlayne | MySpace Video

The Victor is the story of 2 men both fighting for control of the kingdom of Ellioth. Lucius is evil and he provokes and entices the people away from their rightful and just king Eloth. A battle ensues between Lucius and Eloth's son Joshua. Joshua is a man of valor and he fights for Ellioth because of his love and dedication to his people, and because of his abiding and immovable love for the woman that he loves.
I loved this book! I felt it was a beautiful romantic allegory. Yet, it is deeper than a human romantic story, it is the the story of Christ's love for us.
The story is set during medieval time, with knights and swords, kings and kingdoms.
The story is written for children ages 9-12, but I felt that a person of any age would be enthralled by it.
It is a story of good and evil, the plot takes you through to the end showing valorous and perseverance, and above all hope.
I did feel it would have helped to have a list of characters in the front of the book, I'm a stickler for a list of characters in a story that has many. The characters have names that maybe hard to pronounce for a child of 9-12 and this list would help as well as a pronunciation of them, for example the name Llyonesse--I think it is pronounced Lioneese.
I think the cover of the book is lovely and dreamy. There are illustrations dispersed throughout the book that are in pen and ink, they bring a sharper image to the readers mind.

Blissful Reading!