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The Prayer Directed Life, How to Stop Preying...and Start Praying by Mark E. McLeroy

Published by Deep River Books in 2010, 144 pages

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The Prayer Directed Life 

This book was provided for free by Bring It On Communications for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

Prayer, we are taught at a young age to pray--remember God is Good, God is great, let Him thank us for our food, Amen? I said this prayer at the dinner table until I was in middle school, finally daddy said, "Annette don't you think it is time you learned to pray from your heart?" There are many Christians that rattle off a prayer at the dinner table or at bedtime; but they are only saying words with no thought or feeling behind them, it is a prayer that has become as ritualistic as brushing teeth. For some people speaking to the Lord from their hearts is uncomfortable, awkward. What is more challenging than the words that we use when we pray to the Lord, is being still and silent before Him. We are more eager to mark off the next thing on our to do list.
Mark E. McLeroy has written an excellent book on prayer. No, this is not a book full of sample prayers that we can use during certain occasions. He teaches us to think, ponder, search our hearts, and ask questions that will lead us in to a deeper fellowship through prayer with the Lord.
There are 27 chapters in the book, each chapter is 2-3 pages long.
Examples of sample chapters are:
Who Am I?
Words Mean Things
Praying In The Spirit
Pride and Prayer
Mark is approachable in his writing, a person of any development in their spiritual walk would easily understand his message.
He gives great explanations and analogies in order to make his points understandable.
Scripture references are given and the reader is encouraged to, "look them up and to ask God about what parts of the book (the authors book) maybe in error or true."
The Prayer Directed Life would be excellent for small group discussion, or for use as a daily devotional.
I disliked the cover of the book, I felt it was cluttered looking and did not match the message of the book.
One of my favorite questions from the book was, "When you go in to pray are you talking over God?" The author explains that just as when we talk over people when they are speaking to us, we can talk over God when we should be silent and wait. Whew! Not only did that get my attention, but I'm convicted.
This is a meaty book with much to digest, and I love this the most in that it stirred my heart and spurred me onwards to not only dig deeper in prayer but to put it in to practice!

Blissful Reading!


Kara said…
Lovely of my favorite scriptures. This is a very good review...I agree that this book makes you think, especially about whether you are talking over God when you pray. Very interesting read.