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Raising Rain by Debbie Fuller Thomas

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Published by Moody in 2009, 320 pages of story, Christian Fiction

I received this book for free from the author, actually I won this book from her site. I chose to read and review this book.

Raising Rain by Debbie Fuller Thomas is about four young women that met in college during the closing of the 1960's. This time period was marked by the Vietnam War, peace protests, the sexual revolution, illegal drugs, feminism, and a generation of people that were defiant of all that had been taught by their parents.
The four young women are Jude, Bebe, Mare and Toni. Each of these women have individual traits and I consider polar in personalties. Jude the defiant feminist, Bebe unsure of her self image and angst from her brothers service in Vietnam, Mare serious and reserved, and Toni socially driven by money and image.
During college Jude had a baby and named her Rainbow, or most commonly called Rain in the book. In the current time period Rain is a woman of 37. She and her long time boyfriend have broken up. Rain struggles with her present circumstances and reconciling her past. She also struggles with the fact the Jude has cancer and is very ill.
The story is mainly in the current time period; but often Bebe will travel back in her memories, starting in August of 1969 when she first started college and met Jude.
Even though the main voices in the story are Bebe and Rain, Jude is one of the strongest characters in Christian fiction that I've read. She is the unseen character in every scene even though her presence is not. She is discussed by the other characters and they fear her. She is intimidating and people prepare for her. She is belligerent and selfish, yet behind her facade is anger and fear.
Rain is surprisingly mentally healthy, I feel it was the stability of Bebe and her family that has made her so.
This is a book that is easy to evaluate and pick apart in order to analyze the characters, and thus would be a great book for a book club discussion.
I loved this book, for the main reason that it has such strong characters and that each of them are notable and at times even evocative.

Blissful Reading!


Thanks for the wonderful review of Raising Rain. I would like to offer a free book to one of your blog visitors, if you like. Let me know!
Debbie Fuller Thomas