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Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin

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Though Waters Roar is a 2010 Christy Award Winner for Historical Fiction.

This book was sent to me for free by Bethany House because I am a member of their Open Book Program--
(I am the book club coordinator at my Church). I chose to read/review.

Published by Bethany House in 2009, 432 pages, Historical Christian Fiction

I loved this book!!!
The book begins with a young woman named Harriet contemplating how she has ended up in jail, which then led to her reflecting and telling the life stories of both her mother and grandmother. The time period spans before the Civil War with Harriet's grandmother Bebe, the mother named Lucy late 1800's through early 1900's, and through Harriet age 20 in 1920. History and culture is brought to life through each of these women: Civil War, voting rights for women, slavery, prohibition, social status, poverty, and status of women rights.
I feel that this is an epic book, telling the stories of three generations of women and bringing history to life through their eyes.
Both Bebe and her granddaughter Harriet are similar in personality and appearance, whereas the mother Lucy is a polar difference from them and this brings conflict.
Bebe is a woman that I would love to know; she has grit and determination, she is vibrant and colorful, she is a "John Wayne" among women. I would love to walk beside her if only for a mile.
There are several stories hidden inside the main story, and these sub stories were like finding a little chocolate delicacy beside my pillow.
This book is memorable in that the characters matter, they are tangible in that we see them at their best and at their worst. These women made history, they did not just pass through unknown, but joined in to make a positive difference with what issues were plaguing their conscience. They were unafraid of the challenges that were set before them in their lives. When they "found" their voice they used it to defeat the enemy!

Blissful Reading!


I loved this one, too, Annette!