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DVD Review: Little Town of Bethlehem

DVD--produced by EthnoGraphic Media, in 2010, they are an educational non-profit organization exploring the critical issues of our time.

DVD provided to me for free from the B&B Media Group for the purpose of watching/reviewing.
For more information:

They are on Facebook:!/EGMfilms?ref=ts

What does the average American know about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? What information we know is gleaned from the media. I did not know that there were peace organizations in the Middle East. We don't hear about them do we? I am so glad that I watched this documentary film, not just for my own knowledge, but because I now have hope.
Three men of similar age are documented. Each of these men are from different religions, different lifestyles; yet each are working towards the same goal, peace. They are Sami Awad a Palestinian Christian, Yonatan Shapira an Israeli Jew, and Ahmad Al' Azzah a Palestinian Muslim.
Little Town of Bethlehem shows us the Bethlehem not seen by tourists. We see the graffiti on the derelict and crumbling walls, burned up cars, the tight living quarters for its inhabitants. We see clashes of violence and death on the streets, Israeli military, Muslim militants.
The movie draws you in to it by personalizing it for the audience in the three men and their families. We hear the stories of their lives and their parents and grandparents.
We see the street view of people: shopping, working, little children playing in the streets and near armed military, people drinking tea together.
The film was made with the focal audience being youth. I feel this film would be of interest to any adult. There are scenes I feel that are to violent and graphic for small children.
I do not feel that the film delves deeply in to any political agenda. The focus is on these men that have devoted their lives courageously to non-violence and peace.

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